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“Insightful, inspiring and downright hilarious! Inside Timmy’s Mind is,
by far, one of the most dynamic books of the 21st Century.
It is a must read for every literate person.”

Timmy Boyle, Comedian, Author & Instagram Model

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What Others Have Said

“I quickly foresee Inside Timmy’s Mind becoming a national (or perhaps global) treasure!” - Beth L. on Amazon

“It’s fantastic! What a perfect outlet for Timmy’s comedic mind. It was an absolutely delightful and easy read. I love the randomness of it. Timmy has deep convictions about things that I’ve never even thought about before . . . all with hilarious results.” - Leland Klassen, Comedian

“If you agree that looking like Edward from Twilight is a bad thing, that the twelve gifts of Christmas were way over the top, and that you can have a conversation with the colour purple, then you think like Timmy. And I’m a little scared of you. But you should read this book because it will make you think, ‘I’m not crazy after all!’ And sometimes we all need a little false reassurance.” - Sheila Wray Gregoire, Author, Speaker and Blogger

“I’ve read lots of books written by comedians, but none made me laugh like Inside Timmy’s Mind. It contains an abundance of clever sarcasm and hysterical word pictures, but the best part? It’s clean! Timmy Boyle is quickly proving himself as a comedian to watch. I’ll be keeping this one within reach for those moments when I need a quick dose of comic relief.” - Lynda Lee Schab, Author

“Unquestionably, Timmy is one of the most popular performers and speakers at our annual FaithWriters Conference. He never fails to leave his audience in fits of giggles and gales of laughter. Personally, I’ve been a fan of what goes on inside Timmy’s mind since I first read one of his articles back in 2010 (and no, I am not under psychiatric care). That’s why I keep bringing him back for the conference . . . and that’s why I decided to publish his book. Inside Timmy’s Mind still makes me laugh (even after the gazillionth read).”  - Deb Porter, FaithWriters.com and Breath of Fresh Air Press


“It’s been a long time since I had so much fun reading a book!”

“I recommend this book for anyone who likes to laugh.”

“This is a great gift book for any occasion.”

“Treat yourself to a book that finds humor in every situation.”

“I quickly foresee Inside Timmy’s Mind becoming a national (or perhaps global) treasure.”

Multiple AMAZON Reviews

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Discover intriguing stories

“It seemed to revolve around free-range chickens, Abe Lincoln, and a road trip to Kamloops, BC.”

“It’s been exactly ten years since my family and I first settled into our remote, northern Manitoba bunker.”

“We arrive home only to find our house burnt to the ground by those pesky Vikings.


Ponder curious statements

“Sure, you can bring your unicorn over.”

“Hey, kid! Get Daddy another bon-bon.”

“More relational accidents happen in the washroom than any other room in the house.”


Delve into deep concepts

“After an intense search, Brain was eventually discovered, curled up in the fetal position, fast asleep. Brain’s waves were as flat as the voice of an eliminated American Idol contestant.”

“I haven’t slept in three weeks, my arms and shoulders are numb, and I’ve got poop under my fingernails, but I know what my baby is saying. It’s heaven.”

“Tuesday is a day of frenetic activity, with two days’ work needing to be done in one, mainly because most people spent Monday moping, dragging their feet, and cursing the day’s very existence.”

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Timmy's Bio

His Story

Timmy in 15 words or less: Experienced. Professional. International. Fresh. Unique. Classic. Hilarious. Casual. Passionate. Witty. Charming. Award-winning. Versatile. High-quality. Clean. Need more words?


Timmy's Videos

His Shorts

If a picture is worth 1000 words...then a video is worth at least 1001. Check out these hilarious clips of Timmy’s live performances & some of his other comedic video projects. People who have seen Timmy’s shorts…can’t look away!


Inside Timmy's Mind

An intimate journey into Timmy’s mind.

From the page to the stage. Think Vinyl Café as award-winning author Timmy perches up on his stool and breathes life into the quirky stories & hilarious reflections of his book “Inside Timmy’s Mind”.


Here's What People are Saying about Timmy

  • “My stomach lurched before the show, not knowing fully if our congregation & community would share Timmy’s humour...then the laughter started and didn’t stop. Bravo!”

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