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Do you want a clean comedy experience? We’ll provide you with an Up Standing one! Tell us your vision and we’ll help you produce a live comedy show that fits your event’s purpose, time constraints and budget.

Why We Can Help You

clean comedy event creation 1200x1600It’s no joke. We take comedy seriously. Timmy Boyle, the founder & featured headline act of Up Standing Comedy has over a decade of professional stand-up experience as well as over 15 years of live event production as promoter, tour manager & producer. Timmy’s production experience & performance versatility along with his relationships with prominent headliners and a roster of exciting young developing comedians gives Up Standing Comedy the ability to…

Create a LIVE COMEDY EVENT that fits your needs your budget!

In 2011, having already worked extensively in front of the lights & behind the scenes, Timmy used his unique blend of skills & experience to launch “The Circuit”, Canada’s first & only clean comedy tour circuit.  Through 8 Seasons, “The Circuit” has now headlined 24 of North America’s top comedic talents in 224 shows on 39 tours. Currently 9 cities host 5 high-quality, clean stand-up comedy shows a year across Ontario. Along with touring, Up Standing Comedy has also been creating shows for churches, non-profits & corporations interested in providing high-quality, clean entertainment for their supporters, community & employees.  

Want a fresh fundraising idea? Desire a unique way to reach your community? Looking for a fun, memorable option to close your awards banquet? We can provide a multi-comedian experience AT your next event...or we can BE the event!

We’ll help you accomplish your goals by providing professional feedback & suggestions, booking affordable talent, structuring the show for success and providing promotional support when applicable OR  you could choose one of Timmy’s three “pre-packaged” 90-minute comedy experiences.  Each one has a very different comedic vibe but all are family-friendly, self-contained, simple, affordable & effective FUNdraising options. 

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Build a Comedy Show

It’s no joke. We take laughter seriously.

You want a clean comedy experience? We’ll provide you an Up Standing one! Tell us your vision and we’ll help you produce a show that fits your event’s purpose, time constraints & budget.


Timmy Boyle Live

A classic stand-up experience.

With comedic influences such as Newhart & Benny, Timmy kicks it old-school while rocking the suit & nursing a glass of OJ. Thriving in the simplicity of classic stand-up, it’s just…a mic…a stool…and some hilarious stories.


Timmy Does Stuff

A unique, interactive one-man variety show.

A theatrical improv experience where anything can happen. Singing? Probably. Interpretive Dance? Most likely. Rollerskating? I’d bet on it. One thing is for sure…Timmy will take your audience on a crazy fun memorable ride.


Inside Timmy's Mind

An intimate journey into Timmy’s mind.

From the page to the stage. Think Vinyl Café as award-winning author Timmy perches up on his stool and breathes life into the quirky stories & hilarious reflections of his book “Inside Timmy’s Mind”.


  • “Timmy is a tremendous emcee! He is able to connect different acts together & deals with delays in a way that is witty, fast-paced & keeps everyone laughing.”

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