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“Calling Comedians in Cquarantine” is the greatest live Instagram comedy experience nobody knew about. Join comedian & host Timmy Boyle on this random, free-flowing, hilariously messy ride into the minds & backstage lives of entertainers, where anything could happen...and did. Including a trip to a goat farm. In March 2020, Comedian Timmy Boyle had just arrived home from tour when Covid19 shut down the world. Despite being severely technically challenged, he started a daily LIVE Instagram show from his living room hard could it be...and how long could a pandemic last. 100 episodes later, Timmy has called comedians - as diverse in experience as they are in style, from all around the world to discuss comedy, life & well...whatever. He had no goals, avoided tech checks & eventually wore no pants. Overcoming a lack of direction, resources & tech ineptness as well as multiple zombie cyber attacks, a project not expected to last a week, soon developed into a must-watch show like no other....and will now be uploaded daily on YouTube & in audio podcast form! Original LIVE recordings: Mar 18-Aug 14, 2020"

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