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Timmy is…memorable.  His name. His comedic style.  His look. Performing alone or sharing the stage…he stands out.  Suited up. Nursing a glass of OJ. Shoeless. The top question asked:  “What’s with the OJ…and the suit…oh…and the socks?”

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The OJ


“Touring used to take a serious toll on my body, so I’d often drink OJ & Gingerale to settle my stomach.  It was so ever-present in my life that I named it…after myself. The T-Boy. When Up Standing Comedy was launched, as a nod to some of the classic comedians of the past, I began drinking the T-Boy on stage from a glass as a silent homage to Dean Martin.  

Although aesthetically pleasing…it was not practical because I often found myself holding in burps for the final 20 minutes of shows.  Eventually, the Gingerale was removed…but the OJ had to stay. I mean, a glass of OJ is like my trusty side-kick. Lewis & Martin. Timmy & OJ.  It wouldn’t be the same without it…”

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The Suit


“I grew up watching the classics with my dad.  There’s something about comedy in B&W that’s pretty striking.  Jack Benny was one of my favourites…but Bob Newhart is my “idol”.  I remember watching a sketch with Newhart & Dean Martin crawling around in suit & tie.  It was hilarious...and influential.  

With the launch of Up Standing Comedy, I adopted the “classy” look of my comedic heroes.  Dress pants. White shirt. Fedora. The hat never never felt right and was soon replaced by a jacket.  However, whenever it was time “suit up”, I’d remain tie-less with an open collar to maintain a sense of “looseness”.   After a decade, in an attempt to freshen the brand: Hello, vest & tie! I loved the new look…but…”


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The Socks


“As a child, despite exponentially increasing my mother’s laundry time, I went everywhere in socked feet.  And, as an adult, I have only owned one kind of socks: Grey Kodiak work woolies with the red stripe. I wear them in the summer…at weddings…and on stage.  

When I “freshened up” my look with the tie & vest, I couldn’t shake the sense the vibe was just…off.  So, one night before a show, while lacing up my new dress shoes, I shared an idea with my friend & fellow comedian Matt Falk.  Moments later, I took the stage in socked feet...and my very new dress shoes (purchased just hours before) have never been worn since.  If you wear size 11…call me. I feel so free!”

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Timmy's Bio

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Timmy in 15 words or less: Experienced. Professional. International. Fresh. Unique. Classic. Hilarious. Casual. Passionate. Witty. Charming. Award-winning. Versatile. High-quality. Clean. Need more words?


Timmy's Videos

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If a picture is worth 1000 words...then a video is worth at least 1001. Check out these hilarious clips of Timmy’s live performances & some of his other comedic video projects. People who have seen Timmy’s shorts…can’t look away!


Comedian Timmy Boyle

His Versatility

Timmy provides everything from emcee duties to 90-minute comedy shows while performing in conference centres, schools, churches, theatres, campgrounds and living rooms at a variety of functions from fundraisers, corporate banquets & outreach to weddings, auctions & even house parties...


Here's What People are Saying about Timmy

  • “Timmy is a tremendous emcee! He is able to connect different acts together & deals with delays in a way that is witty, fast-paced & keeps everyone laughing.”

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